Michel Saja

Be led by the dreams 

in your heart...


Michel Saja freely explored the art of painting after he attended art school, refusing to be limited by any specific style or influence. Reality is often transposed into symbolism, becoming closer to dream visions that exist at the border of the subconscious. 
Now, his artistic path has become focused on light and darkness as polarities - from this antagonism movement and form are given life in his work.

He is a noted French art master and has been working in the art design industry. He has worked on projects all over the globe, traveling and often living in 37 countries. His international perspective and his artistic achievements have brought a special touch to different places he has decorated and designed. His discovery of diversity of cultures and forms of expression lead him to explore different interpretations of reality as applied to his subjects.


I always felt a violent denial of conformism. I always created like if I was possessed by someone or something else. Ifnot I couldn't do anything. At the end, when I looked at what I had done, it was always like if there had almost nothing from me in it. Because my ego was totally silent in those moments of creation. Then I felt more fulfilled than if any of my desires was accomplished. Because it was not "me" who had done it.

There are things in ourselves that must come out like a shout that comes from inside. Inspiration is far beyond intellectual manipulation of words. It is like a storm that is about to burst out. A storm full of promises, that will bring a new world, refresh and nourish everything. Without this deep passion that kicks out this world of appearences, fashions, superficiality, no real creation is possible. You must reject any influence, accept the truth of your emptiness, your wounds. Forget all that you learnt without fear and then start!

Michel is also a percussionist, a side flute player and a singer. 
He played in Paris with Koutla band, a songwriter from the Caribbean, Gnawa blues band, a fusion between traditional music from the North of Sahara and the roots of blues, as well with Sacko band, a prolific musician from Mali playing Kora in an African style with jazz influences. Michel performed often in Shenzhen, China, with various bands and Leo Pordes Argentinian songwriter and performer. He is strongly inspired by traditional musics of the world, and enjoys fusion music with South American, Hindu and African artists.